I received a report that
the head of a private university verbally abused and threatened a freshman. It was done as an admonition for not participating in department events, but the victim eventually dropped out of school.

Reporter Hong Seung-yeon contributed to this report.

In March
this year, Group A entered the Taekwondo Missiology Department at a private university in Busan. Not long after the semester began, I received a call from the department head.

Because I missed the department service twice every Thursday, the verbal abuse suddenly started to the A group who went to the department president's office.

[Professor B/Former Dean of the Department (March 3): If you act like a beast XX, shouldn't you treat it like a beast? It's XX like a stone sling.]

Threatening remarks followed.

[Professor B/Former Dean of the Department (March 2): I'm going to step on the real XX. If you come to school and act like this, I step on it for real.]

They even pressured me to attend a church outside the school to attend the service, but the rant lasted for more than 3 minutes.

[Professor B/Former Dean of the Department (March 17): (Female) You can't date. After the service, take a picture of the pastor and send it to me. Okay?]

The parents of District A informed the president's office, but the school only forced the professor to be removed from his position as department chair and did not investigate.

Then, when the interview began, I informed them that I was going to form a fact-finding committee.

In the meantime, Party A dropped out of school.

[Group A: I don't think you're treating me like a person, and I was worried and scared about whether I would be able to graduate from university well.]

The head of the department met with SBS reporters and explained that Party A kept making excuses and did it as an admonition because he did not attend the class events often.

[Professor B/Former Dean: I raised my voice, but I gave guidance here with clear facts in terms of admonition and education....]

The parents of District A complained to the police that the retired department head was accused of coercion and intimidation by force, while calming him down to the Sports Ethics Center.

(Video Interview: Jeong Kyung-moon, Video Editing: Yu Yu-yang)