• Chloé Charles gave a master class this Saturday afternoon at the Taste of Paris festival
  • The former Top Chef has prepared a simple recipe for blinis with yogurt and fish marinated in gin and pepper maceron.
  • Objective: to uninhibit the aperitif by doing better than opening a simple packet of chips.

Put away the chips and peanuts, it's Chloé Charles who prepares the aperitif. And it's going to be heavy!

This Saturday afternoon at Taste of Paris, the former candidate of season 13 of Top Chef presented a recipe in master class "for a fresh and light aperitif for the arrival of sunny days": a gravlax of white fish (sea bass) marinated with gin and maceron (a pepper to grind at the last moment) on a blinis covered with yogurt. Add fleur de sel and lemon juice and voila. "The goal is not to smell the alcohol, but to roll the fish slightly in it, about twenty minutes, in order to obtain a beautiful aroma that will give it even more freshness, assures the chef to 20 Minutes. Yogurt further enhances this freshness by providing a hint of acidity that the richer cream would not offer. »

A little shot of gin

True to her locavore values, Chloé Charles has partnered for the occasion with the French gin brand Anaë. So much so that she takes the opportunity to accompany her small plate with a shot of gin of the brand to obtain the perfect match. And it's true that it goes well!

Through this master class, Chloé Charles simply wanted to uninhibit the aperitif. "Of course, it will never be as easy as opening a packet of chips, but I wanted to show that it's really not complicated to prepare something cool, good and friendly enough." Like what she does in Lago, the first address that the chef opened a few months ago at 25 rue Sedaine in Paris, a kind of anti-restaurant that resembles her where you can "eat well standing, drink well sitting, have an aperitif, get together, celebrate a victory, varnish things, laugh loudly and choose your music ... » Nice menu.

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