A young Saudi man finds his Egyptian mother after 32 years of loss

After a separation that lasted for more than thirty years, a Saudi citizen, with the help of his country's embassy in Egypt, was able to meet his Egyptian mother, who had separated from his father following marital disputes.
The Saudi, Turki Khalid Sunaid Al-Sunaid, 36, explained that he parted with his mother 32 years ago, before he exceeded four, as his mother returned to her country without seeing her even once during those long decades.
Khaled's father had separated from his wife while she was in Cairo during the latter's visit to her family, and then returned with his son to Saudi Arabia alone.
After the death of his father, Khaled, lived with his grandmother or father until he was 16 years old.
After his grandmother's departure, he moved in with one of his elderly relatives until he married at the age of twenty-eight, and throughout this period, according to him, he searched for his mother through the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh, but to no avail.
Al-Sunaid continued, according to the Saudi news site "Sabq", "I then traveled to Egypt to search for my mother, and I went to the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Cairo to find all the papers that belong to my mother and father, and the search was with the Egyptian concerned authorities in more than one address."

"The Saudi embassy in Cairo contacted my mother, and they gradually told her about me until I was able to meet her again," he said.