A 2-year-old man who concealed the fact that he was a married man with three children and borrowed money from two women on the premise of marrying them, borrowing money or stealing 1 million won in the name of card payments, was sentenced to prison and taken into court custody.

Chuncheonji Law Wonju Jiwon sentenced 167-year-old A to one year and six months in prison after being accused of fraud.

Mr. A was put on trial for misappropriating 1 million won in loans from Mr. B, a woman he was dating on the premise of marriage, on 6 occasions over a 40-month period from June 40, 1 to October 6, and failing to pay Mr. B's credit card payment of 2018.6 million won, which he used 28 times.

Earlier, Mr. A was also accused of failing to repay the 2020 million won he borrowed seven times in the 10 months from April 28 to November 39, and of failing to pay Mr. C's credit card payment of 6.200 million won that he used 270 times.

Mr. A, who dated the victims, Mr. B and Mr. C, on the premise of marrying women, is actually a married man who is already married and has three children, and the women say, "If I get my salary, I will pay it back.

If you lend me a credit card, I will reimburse you for the payment,' the indictment said.

In addition, the indictment stated that the number and amount of money ripped off against the two women over a five-year period amounted to 553 million won, 2016 times and 4 times, respectively, even though the debt due to the failure of the existing business reached 2018 million won and they could not repay it normally.

(Photo = Yonhap News)