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[SBS Entertainment News | Editor Kim Hyo-jung] What happened there that day?

SBS's "I Want to Know" (hereinafter referred to as "GR"), which aired on 13 August, highlights an arson incident that occurred in Goheung, South Jeolla under the subtitle "Yut Jab and the Designer - Goheung Petrol Arson Mystery."

A man disappeared from a peaceful village in Goheung, South Jeolla Province. An elderly member of the Yu family, who was called Tae Jin-ah because of his resemblance to the trot singer Tae Jin-ah, went missing, and his whereabouts were confirmed 13 days after his disappearance.

But it was strange. Mr. Yu had burns on about 30% of his body, including his face, chest, and arms, and was bandaged like a mummy.

Beside him was a local resident, Mr. Zhang, who explained that Mr. Yu's body caught fire due to a stove that Mr. Huang, an acquaintance of Mr. Yu's, accidentally knocked over. Ms. Zhang, who said it was an unfortunate accident, and Mr. Huang apologized for knocking over the stove and offered to pay for the treatment.

However, he suffered from severe burns and died in March, 136 days after the accident.

However, the police immediately arrested Mr. Huang on suspicion of murder, and the case took a new turn.
anonymous informant alleged that on the day of the incident, Mr. Yu and Mr. Huang played a bet together, and Mr. Huang, who had lost money in a row, became angry and threw a barrel of oil at Mr. Yu, which caught

fire. He claimed that he threw a barrel of oil at Mr. Yu, but that he thought it was an empty barrel of oil, and that he did not know that real gasoline was splattered.

He also complained that the lighter he had turned on to smoke had caught fire. Mr. Huang was later released due to insufficient evidence.

There was no evidence left at the scene of the incident, such as CCTV, to know what was going on, and everything had to be relied upon by the statements of those who were present at the time.

Those who were at the scene at the time said that what Mr. Huang said was true or that they did not remember the situation well. However, the production team meets the last witness at the scene, Mr. Suh, a deaf man, and hears a shocking fact from him.

Mr. Xu claimed that Mr. Huang had captured Mr. Yu and brought him back, and that Mr. Huang had directly poured oil on Mr. Yu's head.

Mr. Huang called his claim ridiculous, and if he did, the burns on Mr. Yu's body would not look like that.

The production team reconstructed the situation as Mr. Huang claimed. And through the experiment, it was confirmed that when the simulation was carried out according to Mr. Xu's claim rather than Mr. Huang's claim, an image similar to Mr. Yu's image remained.

The production team also learned about an incident in which Mr. Huang stabbed the victim three times in the neck and side of a drinking party in the past during an argument. And it caught that he insisted until the end that there was no intentional intent on the killing.

The production team also discovered that Mr. Huang not only runs a gambling house, but also raises a gambling board. An acquaintance of Mr. Huang's said that every time he went to Mr. Huang's gambling house, he wore a tool. Every time he picked up the money, he felt his life was in danger, so he did this, and it was the container where Mr. Yu's accident occurred.

Hospital officials revealed that Zhang pressured Yu and said that while Zhang and Huang were away, they were paying for medical expenses, such as surgery, not by them.

And in the process, it was revealed that Mr. Huang had insurance for Mr. Yu. In addition, the policyholder and beneficiary of this insurance were both Mr. Huang. An insurance company official said, "If you are disabled, you will receive an insurance payment of about 100 million won. If you don't die, you will get 100 million won, and if you die, you will get 200 million won.

Mr. Huang claimed that there were other people besides Mr. Yu who had similar insurance for taking out insurance in front of Mr. Yu, and that he was well-intentioned, saying, "I paid the insurance money to help people in need when they had an accident."

However, the insured person of Mr. Huang's insurance revealed that he did not know the proper situation regarding the insurance. Another insured person also confessed that Mr. Huang had been insured because he was told that if he bought insurance, he would give him tens of thousands of won.

Those whom Mr. Huang insured were people who had cut ties with their families or had no families. Mr. Huang also refused to terminate the insurance of the insured on the grounds that he would lose money.

Mr. Huang demanded a settlement at the time Mr. Yu was hospitalized, and the settlement was the insurance proceeds from Mr. Yu's death. This shocked the Yu family.

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jung)