SBS's 'I Want to Know' uncovers the Goheung petrol arson mystery.

"I Want to Know," which will air on the 13th, follows the case under the subtitle "Yut Jab and the Designer-Goheung Petrol Arson Mystery."

A peaceful sea village in Goheung, South Jeolla. Old Man Yu, who worked as a fishing boat repair and was popular for his chiseled stature and sad personality, is said to have been called "Tae Jin-ah" because of his resemblance to a trot singer. Old Man Yu said that he liked to drink rice wine with trauma in restaurants from time to time. However, it is said that the next day at the latest, Old Man Yu, who was paying the debt, disappeared from the village one day.

His house is empty, his motorcycle was found abandoned in a furrow, and his family, who lived far away, had not been contacted for more than ten days. Only on the 13th day of his disappearance, Old Man Yu's whereabouts were confirmed, and unexpectedly, he was in a hospital in Gwangju. He suffered severe burns of about 30% all over his body, including his face, chest, and arms, and his entire body was bandaged like a mummy.

In Old Man Yu's hospital room, there was another local resident, Mr. Zhang, called "Acorn." Mr. "Acorn" Zhang explained to the family who asked about the situation, "While playing yut, Mr. Huang, a close brother of Old Man Yu, accidentally knocked over the stove, and Old Man Yu's body caught fire." Mr. Zhang, who visited his family, admitted that he had broken the stove and asked for forgiveness from his family, saying that he and Mr. Huang would pay for medical expenses, including care costs. Old man Yu sadly died on March 20, 136 days after the accident after battling severe burns. However, in the midst of the funeral, the case takes a new turn when the police make an emergency arrest of Mr. Huang on suspicion of murder.

In January, while Mr. Huang was hospitalized, the police received an anonymous tip. On November 4 last year, when the incident occurred, a bet game was made with money, in which Mr. Huang, angry at the loss of money one after another, did not accidentally knock over the stove, but threw an oil barrel at Old Man Yu. During the police investigation, Mr. Huang changed his words, saying he was lying to protect those who had played betting.

When Old Man Yu cursed at him, he claimed that he was in a bad mood and threw the oil canister, but he only threw it thinking it was an empty oil canister and did not know that gasoline had been splashed. Later, he simply lit a lighter to light a cigarette, but Mr. Huang was frustrated that Old Man Yu's body was on fire at a distance of about 30 cm. The police arrested Mr. Huang on suspicion of arson and murder, but Mr. Huang was eventually released due to insufficient evidence.

A fire incident occurred inside a container called the village love room. With no CCTV and no clues, all that remains are statements from people who were in the container that day. Except for Old Man Yu and Mr. Huang, there are only four of them, including Mr. Zhang "Acorn". However, the three people that the "I Want to Know" crew met claimed that Mr. Huang's words were true or that they had not witnessed the exact circumstances of the fire, and some did not like the production team's coverage.

The remaining witness was Mr. Suh, who was called "Burberry," and the production team met Mr. Suh, a deaf man who had disappeared since that day, and his answer to East Sea sign language interpreter was shocking.

Mr. Xu said, "Mr. Huang caught Old Man Yu who was going to ride a motorcycle at night and brought him back. I brought him in and anointed him with oil." Contrary to Mr. Huang's claim that he threw an empty oil canister in anger and accidentally ignited a cigarette, Mr. Huang sprayed oil directly on Old Man Yu's head, Burberry Suh claimed. In addition, Mr. Xu said that he witnessed Mr. Huang not lighting a cigarette from a distance of 30 cm, but holding a lighter to Old Man Yu's body.

Who is the one who tells the truth in the conflicting claims? If Mr. Suh's allegations are true, why are the other three witnesses telling lies?

"I Want to Know," which recreates the scene of the container where the incident took place, verifies whether gasoline splattered from an empty oil barrel can catch fire through experiments, and traces the truth between the true story and arson through simulation analysis of the burn marks left on Old Man Yu's body, will be broadcast at 11:10 p.m. on the 13th.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sun-ae)