"Historic decision par excellence"

Saud Alsamka

It is indeed a decision that the people of Kuwait have been waiting for for a long time, so the decision of "Biometric" is a phrase in Kuwaiti "Mishkal" and in Arabic refinery, meaning that it will liquidate Kuwait and clean it from the dirt and dirt of the tamperers, forgers, doubles and plaintiffs.
May Kuwait return to its Kuwaiti people. The sons and grandchildren of those who fought the battles of survival with the sea and its horrors, hunger and diseases, the environment and its harshness, but they were patient until God's promise came, "and the good tidings of the patient."

Kuwait and its people have been plagued in recent years by a wave of forgers of our national identity, dualists and plaintiffs, and they were helped by semi-human beings whose consciences are empty of loyalty to their homeland and fear of their Lord, and their crimes were increased by the absence of such a decision from previous governments, which unfortunately did not pay attention to this decision as much as possible to protect the country and apply laws in order to preserve the country, fight corruption and close its doors that destroyed the interests of the country.

Today, thanks to God, and then with the effort and will of His Highness the Prime Minister and His Excellency the First Deputy Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense, the awaited decision was issued, which will, God willing, save the country and the people from every criminal who violated the Kuwaiti nationality by forgery or duality or who claims to be Kuwaiti without.

Thank you for this high national effort once again to His Highness the President. Ministers Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf and his First Deputy Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to approve and implement this great sovereign decision and to more decisions that restore Kuwait's leadership, sovereignty and spectacle.

Saud fish.
Kuwaiti writer