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police are tracking down a thief who sneaked into a mac shop where
no one was there and robbed him of cash. The victim boss who tipped us off said that the thief's behaviour caught on CCTV was so natural that he thought it was her husband.

Bomi Kim is a reporter.


At around 10 a.m. on the 9th, a man with a mask and hat covering his face at a grocery store in Siheung, Gyeonggi, opened the door lock of the store door and walked inside.

He glances through the empty store and casually heads towards the counter, starting to pull cash out of the cashier's safe.

It was a thief, a man scurrying out of a store with a wad of cash.

[Shopkeeper: When I first saw the CCTV footage, I thought it was my husband at first. It was so natural to walk through the door of the shop...]

It took less than 30 seconds for the man to steal 50,30 won in cash and flee.

[Shopkeeper: The food delivery driver comes at dawn. He always leaves (the key) on it. To others, 13,3 won may be a small amount, but it is the money earned by working hard every day.]

Police are tracking the suspect through fingerprints taken and CCTV analysis.

--- a bar in
Hongdae, Seoul.

At around 20 a.m. today (4th), a drunk USFK soldier in his 40s was arrested for assaulting a guest.

He got into an argument with a guest in the bathroom, and reportedly punched another customer in the face while drying his teeth.

The police officers who responded asked for their ID card, but they refused, and they were charged with violating the Immigration Control Act.

Police have handed the man over to the U.S. Military Police and are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

at around 1:<> p.m. today, a fire broke out in a church in Ponam-dong, Gangneung City, Gangwon, and was extinguished within one hour.

Since the church was under construction, there were no people inside, so there were no casualties.

(Video Interview: Kang Dong-chul, Video Editing: Kim Yoon-sung)