The basket of pastries in meetings, the unlimited coffee, the chocolate fluffy for a colleague's birthday, the box of chocolates offered by a customer... There are many temptations in the office, so it is easy to succumb to the "infernal circle of sugar", as Aurélie Canzoneri, naturopath, calls it. "When you ingest too much sugar (or drink coffee in large quantities), the body automatically goes haywire, and asks for a dose." An infinite and not very virtuous circle that explains, according to this expert, the peaks of fatigue and sometimes demotivation, or even low morale at work.

Healthy snacks and productivity boosters

The power to boost concentration, increase energy tenfold and soothe stress, goes above all through food!

Before arriving at the office, Aurélie recommends a low-carb breakfast. The ideal: eggs, that is to say good proteins to start the day full of energy. Wholemeal bread coupled with oilseed puree, hummus or chia pudding are also great alternatives. In case of peckish mid-morning (especially if you have breakfast early), always prefer fruits, oilseeds or a smoothie.

Snacks are not just for children

The naturopath recommends several options: a banana (to satiate and boost the hormone of happiness, serotonin), a handful of almonds rich in magnesium (to soak in a glass of water in the cool morning), a homemade smoothie (green vegetables, banana, chia seeds, berries ...) or teleworking, a slice of wholemeal bread spread with almond butter or peanuts with a sliced banana and fresh pollen.

What about coffee? "No more than one a day ideally. Instead, we turn to herbal teas and adaptogen drinks. Not to mention, in addition, to drink 1.5 liters of pure water every day."

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