Deafening tornadoes, primordial mountains of fire, crashing lightning, icy winds and hostile deserts – Dennis Oswald and Adrian Rohnfelder are drawn to where nature shows its most extreme side. Weeks of meticulous pre-planning precede their travels and photo productions. On site, they patiently remain in inhospitable places where they have to protect themselves and their technical equipment from dust, cold, heat or moisture at great expense. Sometimes the shutter release finger stays on the camera all day to "pull the trigger" at the right moment. In their illustrated book, for which the television meteorologist Sven Plöger wrote the introductory words, the two photographers take the viewer on an expedition to regions that only a few people have seen in this form. The shots from "Tornado Alley" in the Midwest of the USA, from the "Entrance to Hell" in Turkmenistan, or from a sandstorm in the "Valley of Death" show a fascinating beauty of the forces of nature.

Dennis Oswald is a trained geographer, meteorologist and passionate photographer. For 25 years, he has used every free minute to hunt for photogenic thunderstorms, preferably in the Midwest of the USA. Oswald's second passion is the endless expanse of American deserts. He publishes his award-winning pictures in calendars, articles, books, and he gives photo lectures. Dennis Oswald lives in Neuss in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Years ago, Adrian Rohnfelder swapped a well-paid consulting job for adventure, camera and passion. Since then, the photographer has traveled to the most remote places on earth in search of the forces of nature. He publishes articles and books, undertakes lecture tours and has already won international prizes. Born in Hesse, he lives in Bad Homburg.