He had decided to "do justice" himself. Anton Gisquet, 28, manager of "Ride concept", an electric scooter shop in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, could not "take it anymore" after a fifth burglary in a year and a half, occurred last weekend. "In all, the expert estimated the amount of damages at 80,000 euros," he says. Insurance will eventually write me off. And then, we must count the moral prejudice too! »

He is sleeping in his shop, armed with an American fist, a pepper bomb, ready to "catch" the thief. "I always look at CCTV cameras on my phone," he adds. It is in this way that he recognized the alleged perpetrator of the last two burglaries to hand him over to the police. "The police released him, free, the next morning, for lack of evidence!" he says, exasperated. After trying "all possible legal avenues", the young manager said he was ready to find the suspect so as not to "get away with it".

"Thank you media"

But before getting to the irreparable, Anton Gisquet decided to talk about his story to newspapers, like Actu Lyon. " We can say thank you to the media, he smiles. The police called me back and returned to the store yesterday assuring me that the investigation would move forward. Until then, the police had told me that complaints were only for insurance. He also hopes that this case will "raise awareness" so that witnesses can act and "everyone is more careful".

As a reminder, in France, "we do not have the right to take justice into our own hands", as Olivier Cahn, a professor specializing in justice, pointed out by 1jour1actu, in reaction to the case of the jeweler of Nice who killed a man who had just robbed his shop in 2013.

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