He stole his fiancée's jewelry to marry another

US police distributed photos of a person suspected of stealing the jewelry of a woman with whom he was engaged, after the latter filed a complaint against him, for stealing her jewelry and using it to marry another.

Volusia sheriff investigators have issued an arrest warrant for a theft suspect who stole an engagement ring and wedding accessories from his girlfriend in Orange City and used them to marry his other girlfriend in Orlando.

The police memo said the thief, identified as Joseph L. Davis, 48, who identified himself as "Joe Brown" with his first girlfriend (fiancée) and "Marcus Brown" with the other (his current wife), is wanted for a grand theft felony. Police said his current address and whereabouts were unknown.

A woman from Orange City filed a complaint earlier this year and told investigators she had discovered her fiancé was actually married to another. When she searched for Khatib's Facebook page, she discovered a photo of her "dhartha" wearing a wedding ring and an engagement ring matching hers. And that when she went to inspect her jewelry box, she discovered that her rings were missing.

So were many other pieces of jewelry, including a diamond ring owned by her grandmother. The total value of the stolen property was approximately $6270,<>.

According to the complaint, the police issued an arrest warrant for the fraudulent groom, circulated his specifications and photos, pleaded with the public to provide information about him, and warned the girls not to fall into his traps.