Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon has retorted that the PSPD referred to him as a "political prosecutor" and asked if there was a single investigation in the past 20 years that would make it look like that.

He also criticized the PSPD for political bias, saying, "Pretending to be a judge is deceiving the people."

In a statement today (12th), Minister Han Dong-hoon said, "The term political prosecutor refers to 'a prosecutor who investigates in order to be seen or visible to political power for the sake of the sake of the spirit of one's own body,'" and pointed out, "I would like to ask if there was 'even one' such thing in the investigations I have conducted for more than 20 years."

He emphasized, "During my time as a prosecutor, I did my best, albeit insufficiently, to condemn the lawlessness of the social power, including political and economic power, regardless of camp."

Targeting the PSPD, a minister said, "To draw a numbered ticket to enter a key position in the regime for five years, wait for the order, and then pretend to be a referee again as soon as the number tag is cut off in front of them due to the change of government, is to deceive the people."

He added, "If they don't pretend to be referees and just speak as a main player, who will say what?"

The war between a minister and the PSPD has been going on for three days since the last 5 days.

It started on the first anniversary of the inauguration of the Yoon Seok-yeol government, when the PSPD announced the results of the vote for "eight high-ranking members of the current government who should be replaced."

The PSPD said a minister was nominated as the first choice.

One minister shot back, "Why does a 'political group' representing a particular faction pretend to be a neutral 'civic organization'?"

The PSPD then retorted, "I don't know why a political prosecutor representing the prosecutorial establishment pretends to protect the safety and rights of the people."

One minister made an additional statement and raised the level of criticism, saying that the people will vividly remember that the PSPD has been "in solidarity" with power throughout the last administration.

After playing for one team for five years, he suddenly said that the public would not be deceived by pretending to be a referee, raising political bias.

In response, the PSPD once again thanked the attorney general of one country for directly answering the activities of a civic group.

(Photo = Yonhap News)