Flight attendant advice: 6 reasons why you should choose this seat on the plane

Choosing the most suitable seat during a flight is confusing to many, but flight experts, such as flight attendants, have a good idea about this.

This is revealed by Australian flight attendant Rosie Owade, who spent 5 years with Virgin Australia.

Rosie pointed out in an interview with the magazine "Escape", that she always advises choosing the fifth row, and the seat next to the window, on Boeing 737 planes, and that when she travels as a passenger and not as a stewardess, she immediately chooses this seat.

As for the reasons for choosing this seat, Rosie said the reasons are as follows: the view is excellent from the window, where you can see part of the wing of the plane, and part of the city outside. There is additional room for extending the feet. There is no responsibility for the emergency exit on the passenger in the fifth row. The passenger in this row can put a small bag under the opposite seat, due to the extra space. This is one of the closest rows to the aircraft exit, as departure is quick without delay. It is one of the first classes that hosts start servicing.

Rosie stressed that choosing the right seat on the plane can be an important factor to enjoy the flight and reduce travel fatigue.