Sunday, May 28, viewers will find Ophélie Winter the time of the show Dance Machine, 30 years, the evening event on W9. The artist had already revealed many secrets in his autobiography, Resilience, Back on an extraordinary destiny in 2021. This time, she talked about her appearance, including the failures of the reconstructive surgery she underwent after an assault.

"I decided not to worry about my appearance anymore since I was disfigured with an iron bar during a burglary," she told Télé Loisirs. "I lost my nose during this attack. It was very hard to live for two years and then at some point, I decided to see the glass half full and consider myself happy to be alive, to have two arms and two legs. »

Plug-in problem

The Shame on You singer then turned to reconstructive surgery to reshape her face. A failure. "We tried, but it failed. I had hoped to be operable, but the graft on my nose did not hold. I saw a specialist in Paris a few months ago who confirmed this to me. I accept it, but what's hard is not recognizing yourself," she laments.

And to conclude sadly: "It feels like I have huge cheekbones and a huge mouth, but it's just because I don't have a nose anymore so everything seems big. It's a bit hard to live with, but that's the way it is! The support of his audience during the show for his big comeback should put a smile on his face... or faith. Dance Machine, 30 years old: the evening event will be broadcast at 21:05 on W9.

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