One case can hide another. Thursday, a 43-year-old Montalbanian police officer appeared at a trial, disoriented in Toulouse, including forgery and harassment of his ex-girlfriend. The story, unbelievable, began in June 2022 when the ex-companion of the accused, a lawyer from the Montauban bar, saw a customs officer arrive in her garden in the simplest device. The latter explained to her that she had given him an appointment on a dating site for a sexual relationship. The investigation showed that it was the policeman, with libertine morals, who would have "mounted" this sordid date by pretending to be the lawyer. He would also have abused his position to illegally consult the fadettes of his ex-girlfriend and the criminal record. A two-year suspended prison sentence was requested against him by the prosecutor's office as well as a ban on practising. The court is expected to issue its decision on June 22.

Possible disciplinary or even criminal consequences

But the case has another side, just as murky, unveiled Wednesday by our colleagues of the Parisian. By exploiting the police officer's computer data, investigators also discovered that he was the instigator of a WhatsApp loop whose catchphrase, "Du fion à gogo", leaves little doubt about the substance of the conversations, particularly salty, and the photos shared. Not to mention racist assertions. And the unease is all the greater in the Montalbanian judicial institution that two magistrates participated in this thread.

Franck Rastoul, the prosecutor general of Toulouse, confirmed to Le Parisien that an incidental procedure was underway and that "possible disciplinary measures" were being studied by the Chancellery. Criminal proceedings are not excluded on this second part of the case.

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