A driver has made headlines by revealing the absurd situation he encountered while driving his car.

I almost had a big accident.

<Oh! The first search term > click is "Midnight Horror E-scooter Reversed."

Recently, an online community posted a post and video titled, "Kickboard reversal gang seems to be traumatizing."

The car's dashcam footage shows them driving on a quiet road in the dark of night.

The informant's vehicle makes a right turn and is driving on a narrow road when something approaches at high speed.

It was none other than a reversing e-scooter, and it wasn't just one or two.

A group of e-scooters suddenly popped up and narrowly swerved past the informant's vehicle in the middle.

The informant said, "I encountered as many as five e-scooters," and said, "I'm glad I didn't collide, but I hope there will be a law banning e-scooters even if it's because of people like that."

Users who watched the video responded, "Are they people who only live today?", "There are no outlaws, kickboards must have license plates", and "I hope that our country will get rid of e-scooters like Paris".

(Image source: Online Community)