In February last year, a man and a woman in a parking lot in Yongsan, Seoul, turned on their mobile phone lights, searched the walls, grabbed something, and disappeared.

The other villa parking lot is also open day and night, with people coming and going.

What they're looking for is drugs, throwing tactics where the seller leaves something in a certain place and the buyer goes there.

Under the guise of exporting adult products from the Philippines, Mr. A's gang imported a large amount of drugs worth 2.18 billion won, including meth and ecstasy.

They posted advertisements on social media to find buyers, recruited first-time social workers, and distributed and sold drugs in the country.

We have operated the organization in the form of a point organization, such as delivering activity fees with virtual assets or highway luggage.

So far, the police have identified 58 people who have received drugs from Mr. A, including 2 people in their 30s and 45s.

The police, in cooperation with Interpol, arrested Mr. A, who was hiding in the Philippines, and repatriated him to Korea on the 4th.

And a total of 72 people were arrested, including distributors and drug users.

In addition, Interpol has been wanted for Mr. P, who is staying in the Philippines, and will continue to investigate the route through which drugs were brought into the country from the Philippines.

(Interview: Jung Kyung-yoon / Video Interview: Bae Moon-san / Video Editor: Byun Ji-young / Screen credit: Seoul Yongsan Police Station / Production: Digital News Editorial Department)