Because he is said to have spread "Reichsbürger" ideologies in class, a teacher at the Free Waldorf School in Ravensburg has been suspended. "As we know, he has made statements and remarks in the conversations with the students in class, which can be interpreted as influencing," the school said on Thursday.

The contract with the man was terminated at the beginning of March. The teacher had taught horticulture. The incident will be dealt with extensively. Previously, several media had reported on the allegations.

Student had discovered ID card

The case had come to light through an article by "Zeit Online". The teacher had brought fantasy documents into the classroom. According to the regional council of Tübingen, students had discovered a "Reichsbürger" ID card in the man. He is also said to have had a fictitious driver's license in his wallet.

So-called citizens of the Reich deny the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany and do not recognize its legal system. According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, about 23,000 people belong to the scene nationwide.

The responsible regional council of Tübingen had been made aware of the case by the journalist research in February, said a spokesman. The supervisory authority is in contact with the school. "When we became aware of the problems at the Ravensburg Waldorf School, we asked the local school management to present their point of view."

The authority also has the task of ensuring compliance with the educational plans in independent schools and that no unconstitutional content is negotiated in the school space. The school itself had promised clarification, the spokesman continued. There have also been allegations against two other teachers.

The school's board of directors announced on Thursday that some of the allegations against other teachers were far back and had been cleared up years ago. Currently, there are no further indications that other teachers would spread conspiracy myths in the classroom, according to a board spokeswoman.

School showed abnormalities during the pandemic

In the processing of the "current allegations", the association educational institutions against right-wing extremism should also help. On its website, the school distances itself "from the contents and ideologies of the "Reichsbürger", the lateral thinkers and other conspiracy theorists as well as extremists". Neutrality in the classroom is the top priority.

According to the regional council, the school has so far only attracted attention during the pandemic. During the Corona period, there were "above-average problems with the enforcement of the mask requirement" and many mask exemption certificates. However, the problem had been solved together with the school management.

The further processing of the case is also to be closely supervised and accompanied by the State Working Group of Waldorf Schools in Baden-Württemberg (LAG). "At the moment, further discussions are being held at the school," said a spokeswoman for the Association of Waldorf Schools.

After the incident in Ravensburg, there is no fear for the reputation of Waldorf schools. "Because such incidents are - as annoying as they are - individual cases that can occur at any school, regardless of the type of school," said a spokeswoman. It is important to the umbrella organization that immediately after such an incident becomes known, it is investigated and acted consistently.