The murderer and the murdered, where is their fate?

Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Alhaddad

12 May 2023

It is reported in the authentic hadith that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) said: "By whose hand my soul will not go away, until a day comes upon people when the murderer does not know what he was killed, nor the one who was killed when he was killed." He said, "The clown, the murderer and the one killed in the fire."

I remembered this noble hadith while watching what is happening in the brotherly Arab Islamic country, the Republic of Sudan, where its people are fighting bitterly.

When contemplating this bitter fighting, the sane does not find a justification for it, except to say that it has been written on them Al-Shaqwa, they did not care about themselves or their good country, nor their poor innocent brothers, and so {God leads astray whoever he wants and guides whoever he wants}, but the fate of injustice is dire, and punished once in this world and the hereafter, this is our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, warns the two warring groups of fire, but the killer was killed by his brother, and the killed because he was keen to kill his owner, do these combatants believe in God and the Last Day? Or do they read the Book of God Almighty, which says: "Whoever kills a believer deliberately, his reward is hell, immortal in it, and God's wrath is upon him and he curses him and prepares for him a great torment", so here they are preparing for themselves hell and the wrath of God and his curse and his great torment, for deliberately killing the believing souls that God Almighty has forbidden, and corrupting them on earth with destruction, destruction of homes, and bad effects, all for the sake of lust for judgment, self-arrogance, and the deception of Satan.

This situation that the Sudanese Muslim people have reached, who are already suffering from many economic problems, calls for a pause with oneself and a review of the religion that these belligerents owe, which is Islam, whose Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, says: "Your blood, wealth and honours are forbidden, as is the sanctity of your day, in this country of yours, in this month of yours." Ibn 'Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "Let the absent witness be informed, do not return after me as disbelievers, for you will strike each other's necks."

These people were guided and reformed by God and did not remain blood, money or offer unless they violated it, by beating each other's necks, do they not reason?!

This bloody and unjustified fighting must be legally and rationally to stop out of respect for religion, the brothers of Islam, and the brotherhood of humanity and patriotism, the shedding of forbidden blood is a crime that is not forgiven, as stated in the hadith: «The believer is still in a space of his religion, unless he is injured by forbidden blood», meaning if he hits forbidden blood, he enters into a crucible and a strait that does not come out of it, all sins are trivialized except for polytheism with God, and killing the soul that God has forbidden, so they have to look at what they are meeting From the torment of God and the curse of history, and the call of the oppressed.

The alternative to this corruption on earth is sincere dialogue that leads to the resolution of psychological differences before they are in the interest of the country and the people, as they claim, and here is the brotherly role played by their brothers must be appreciated and respected, enabling it to come out with results that reunite and restore to the people and the country the destroyed and looted rights.

Perhaps the most important duty is that the scholars of their country do their duty towards educating people about the sanctity of blood and the rights of brotherhood, so that they may be guided, and it is not permissible for them to stand by and watch even if the cloud of strife clears they were with the victor, this is not permissible for a scientist or sane.

We ask Allah, may He be exalted, to guide His servants whether the way.

The situation that the Sudanese people have reached calls for a pause with themselves and a review of the religion owed by the combatants. It is Islam.

«Chief Mufti Director of the Ifta Department in Dubai»

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