• The second semi-final of Eurovision 2023 took place this Thursday in Liverpool.
  • The ten countries qualified for Saturday's final are: Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Armenia and Slovenia.
  • The six countries eliminated are: Denmark, Greece, Georgia, Iceland, Romania and San Marino.

From our Special Envoy in Liverpool (United Kingdom)

There were only ten places left for Saturday's Eurovision final and sixteen countries competing on the starting line. Thursday's second semi-final delivered its verdict, no big surprise. No one was worried about the chances of qualification of the Australian rockers of Voyager, nor for the Austrian Teya and Salena - whose formidable Who The Hell is Edgar? and its repeated "po po po po po" remain in the lead - and neither for the Armenian Brunette... Rightly, this trio has indeed been acclaimed.

The Belgian Gustaph and his unifying queer anthem - on which not many people bet before the start of the contest - also qualified and we think that he would clearly not be an intruder in the final Top 10 ... It is also in the pocket for the Estonian Alika and her ballad Bridges, for the Cypriot Andrew Lambrou, the Polish Blanka, as well as for the Lithuanian Monika Linkyté who, after participating in duo in the competition in 2015, will live her second final of Eurovision.

Joker Out, representing Slovenia, said he wanted to sing "for the super freaked", but did not have too much to worry, he will be in the final, as expected, with Carpe Diem.

On the other hand, Piqued Jacks, another rock band of this final, from Italy but playing for San Marino, is among the eliminated, as well as the representatives of Denmark, Romania, Greece, Georgia (despite a good vocal performance) and Iceland.

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