Attorney General
Han Dong-hoon engaged in a war of words with the PSPD, which identified him as the "No. 1 official to be removed." When the PSPD criticized a minister as a political prosecutor representing the prosecutor's vested interests, Han responded that the PSPD was siding with the last regime and suddenly pretending to be a referee.

Sangmin Kim is a reporter.

initiative was the result of a vote announced by the PSPD on the first anniversary of the inauguration of the Yoon Seok-yeol government.

Among the "eight high-ranking current government officials to be replaced" selected by the party, Attorney General Han Dong-hoon was nominated as the first choice to replace him.

[Lee Jae-geun/Joint Secretary General of the PSPD: By concentrating prosecutors in key positions in the president's office and institutions of power, they are breaking down checks and balances and creating a so-called nation of prosecutors.]

One minister also immediately shot back.

I shot back that I don't know why a "political group" representing a particular faction pretends to be a neutral "civic group."

The PSPD then quoted a minister as saying, "I don't know why a political prosecutor who represents the prosecutorial establishment pretends to protect the safety and rights of the people."

One minister made an additional statement and raised the level of criticism, saying that the people will vividly remember that the PSPD has been "in solidarity" with power throughout the last administration.

After playing for one team for five years, he suddenly raised political bias, saying that the public would not be fooled by pretending to be a referee.

As a result, the PSPD once again thanked the attorney general of one country for directly answering the activities of a civic group, and the war heated up for two consecutive days on the 1th and yesterday.

With the PSPD announcing that it will release a report next week criticizing the current government and the prosecutor's office, the war of nerves between a minister and the PSPD is likely to continue for some time.

Video Interview: Yang Ji-hoon, Video Editing: Yu Mira, CG: Eom So-min)