Hassan Shakosh's wife complains to him at the oath: "He beat me, kicked me out and stole my net!"

The Egyptian security services summoned popular singer Hassan Shakosh to listen to his statements in the complaint filed against him by his wife Reem Tarek about the theft of a trust receipt for 500 thousand pounds, signed by him and his seizure of her gold jewelry.

Mohamed Aboulela, the lawyer for Mahraganat singer Hassan Shakosh, has denied all accusations against him by his wife of theft, beating and expulsion from the house.

Abu Ela said that the wife left the house with her consent and without his client's knowledge, and stole 500,<> pounds.

He said, "Abu Al-Ela", that there is no trust receipt documented alternative to the back of the dowry, and that the backside documented in the marriage voucher only, stressing that his client's theft of gold jewelry is incorrect, and the network is still in her family home, since the honeymoon.

According to the "Akhbar Al-Youm Portal" Egyptian Major General Mohamed Al-Sharqawi, Director of the General Department of Egyptian Investigations, had received a notification from Colonel Amr Hegazy, Inspector of Investigations, stating the presence of Reem Sadek - 28 years old - housewife and resident inside a famous compound, to the section to be affected by her husband Hassan Mansour and his fame «Hassan Shakosh» for his expulsion from the marital home days ago and the seizure of marital movables and her network and the delivery of trust in her favor alternative back friendship.

Tarek al-Sayed, the father of Hassan Shakosh's wife, Reem, had assigned the private lawyer to file a new report at the Internet Investigation against singer Hassan Shakosh for seizing a EGP 500,<> trust receipt and gold jewelry.

Mr. said in a statement to «Al-Masry Al-Youm», he communicated with his own lawyer, after the other side of the singer appeared festivals, and added: «I deceived in Hassan Shakosh, Hassan was with him senior people from his relatives and convinced me that his condition is improving, and I did not want him anything but to fear God in my daughter, but he did not fulfill his promise».

Tariq al-Sayed continued: «We are currently looking for our legitimate and legal rights, and Hassan Shakosh did not divorce them, but seeks reconciliation, and we want moral compensation before material compensation».

He concluded: «My daughter Reem is a graduate of tourism and hotels, and she told me that his family did not want her among them because they benefit from Hassan in one way or another, but I am all my concern is that I could not protect my daughter and preserve her, and I hope that God will now return to us our right».