There will be those who disagree, as always.

But the Italian film festival has a clear winner: it is "The Eight Mountains", directed by Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersh and the presence of two great and close-knit actors, Alessandro Borghi and Luca Marinelli. The film won the title of best film and won two other Davids: non-original screenplay and photography.

"An incredible journey. Why do two Belgians make a film in Italy? It was a very beautiful story, from a book that the producers sent me and I said: yes, I do", proclaims Felix Van Groeningen. "Thank you for this declaration of love. We love Italy," adds Charlotte Vandermeersh. Alessandro Borghi has no doubts: "Making this film was an incredible gift for my life. A wonderful encounter to share this thing with my brother who is here", he adds pointing to Luca Marinelli, who for his part returns the credit to the directors: "They are two gigantic souls who have given us this wonderful adventure".

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David Donatello 2023, Alessandro Borghi, Luca Marinelli on stage with the cast of "The eight mountains" best film

But David is also equanimous.
If the "Eight Mountains" wins four awards, four each also goes to "Exterior Night" and "The Strangeness".

Marco Bellocchio's TV series wins for best leading actor, editing, make-up, and above all direction.
It is the seventh time in Bellocchio's career: "I did not expect it, I tell the truth, but I accept it" he explains. "At my age you become wise. The important thing is not to stop. I hope I still have time to do things. I'm also moderately excited and I don't thank many, but I will do it in private."

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David Donatello 2023, Marco Bellocchio receives the David for Best Director

Best actor for the same film is Fabrizio Gifuni, who first thanks the director: "An immense artist to whom all Italian cinema must be grateful", and then dedicate a thought to cast, crew and friend Luigi Lo Cascio.

And then: "I would like to thank my slowness, my fragility, play, fantasy and imagination that are the antidote to these aggressive and decadent times".

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Fabrizio Giufuni

"At this moment when I am ill I wrote a book, an autobiography written by four hands. Now I receive this award that makes me very proud and belongs to my past. The pleasure you feel when you see a good movie at the cinema is another thing for which I invite everyone to go to the cinema".

So says Marina Cicogna, the most important Italian producer - among her films "Investigation on a citizen above all suspicion" with which she won the Oscar - withdrawing the David di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement from the hands of Carlo Conti, who leads the evening together with Matilde Gioli.

"I've worked with a lot of directors, but the one I worked with best was Elio Petri and losing him so early was really a shame," he adds. Today's cinema? "The relationship between producers and directors has been somewhat lost. Perhaps also because today directors produce their own films". On being the only woman producer in a world of men: "Back then we didn't pay much attention to it, although I must say that men never helped women too much." What do you hope for today? "I hope our cinema continues to be one of the best in the world."


68th David Di Donatello, Matilde Gioli and Carlo Conti

Barbara Ronchi receives the David di Donatello as best actress for the film "September", directed by Giulia Steigerwalt.
The other candidates were Margherita Buy for "Esterno notte", Penelope Cruz for "L'immensità", Claudia Pandolfi for "Siccità" and Benedetta Porcaroli for "Amanda".

And the David di Donatello 2023 for the best author of photography goes to Ruben Impens, for "The Eight Mountains" by Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersh.


David Donatello 2023 Barbara Ronchi wins the David for Best Actress

Emanuela Fanelli receives the David di Donatello as best supporting actress in the film "Drought" directed by Paolo Virzì.
The other candidates were Giulia Andò for "La stranezza", Daniela Marra for "Esterno notte", Giovanna Mezzogiorno for "Amanda" and Aurora Quattrocchi for "Nostalgia".

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David di Donatello 2023, Emanuela Fanelli receives the David for Best Supporting Actress

Giada Calabria and Loredana Raffi receive the David di Donatello for best set design with the film "La stranezza".

Maria Rita Barbera wins the David for Best Costumes in the film "La stranezza".

Awarded with the David of the Spectator Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo.

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David di Donatello, Giada Calabria and Loredana Raffi win in the best set design

Francesco Di Leva receives the David for Best Supporting Actor for "Nostalgia", directed by Mario Martone.

"Thanks to Mario Martone who has accompanied my career for 25 years. Thanks to my wife who makes me a simple and honest man, I love her for it. In reality you are rewarding two people: without Pierfrancesco Favino I would never have taken this award", said the visibly emotional actor. And then: "I say that May is a lucky month for me: on 10 May '87 the first Scudetto of Napoli, on 4 May the third Scudetto, my son was born on 5 May, and on 10 May the David di Donatello".

The other nominees for the David for Best Supporting Actor were Elio Germano for "Il signore delle formiche", Fausto Russo Alesi for "Esterno notte", Toni Servillo for "Esterno notte" and Filippo Timi for "Le otto montagne".


David di Donatello 2023, Francesco Di Leva receives the David for Best Supporting Actor

The David di Donatello 2023 for best composer goes to Stefano Bollani for the film "Il Pataffio", by Francesco Lagi.

"It's new to me and I'm happy to be part of the cinema family. I enjoyed playing the harpsichord with magnificent musicians and a pyrotechnic cast. I dedicate the award to a person who supports me and supports me and is a light in my life: Valentina, my wife", says the composer and piano virtuoso collecting
the award.

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David Donatello 2023, Stefano Bollani receives the David as best composer

Giulia Louise Steigerwalt is the best debut director of the 68th edition of the David di Donatello for the film 'September'.

"I thank Matteo Rovere, my husband, a partner in work and cinema. I wrote this film 13 years ago. It was in the drawer. Everyone hopes for something and maybe succeeds," he said.

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David di Donatello 2023, Giulia Steigerwalt receives the David for best directorial debut with the film "Settembre"

"I feel half Italian, Italy for me ismy second home, I'm in love with Italy. It's a wonderful country from A to Z, but certainly if I had to choose I would say Rome". So the American actor and director Matt Dillon delivering the special David Donatello prize to Isabella Rossellini.

"We made a film together with Isabella, during the Covid period. But everything went well. She was gorgeous and made the film better," Dillon added.


David di Donatello 2023, Isabella Rossellini receives the Special David