Let's go for the treasure hunt! Snapchat revealed this Thursday, May 11, the places where, in ten cities around the world, including Paris, Daft Punk fans will be able to discover new experiences in augmented reality on the application.

This special operation is part of the celebrations organized by the now dissolved band for the 10th anniversary of its cult album Random Access Memories. Unreleased tracks are revealed little by little and will appear in the reissue of the album, available Friday.

Around the world, around the world

Snapchat's augmented reality experience focuses on unpublished and ephemeral excerpts. Snapchat's Paris-based AR Studio worked with the group's creative team to design these experiences.

Concretely, to discover these extracts, we will have to start by thinking. GPS coordinates were broadcast on the group's communication channels. From 10 a.m. local time in each city, the hunt will begin. The cities concerned are Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Mexico City, Tokyo, Sydney, São Paulo and Buenos Aires

How does it work?

Once the location is discovered, Daft Punk fans will have to draw their smartphone and the Snapchat application to trigger the experience. With the Lens "Daft Punk" of the Snapchat carousel, will appear on the giant screen, in augmented reality, the exclusive extract of the clip of Infinity Repeating chosen especially for your city

Two more augmented reality experiences will be available. By pointing the camera at the silver and gold headset visual of Random Access Memories, new crystal helmets will appear and the Horizon title will launch." By turning the camera towards him, the user will also be able to put on the crystal helmets for the first time and observe them from every angle, while listening to the song, "says Snapchat in a statement.

This operation will be accessible until May 28, in six countries around the world, through a vast QR code display campaign.

The Centre Pompidou puts Daft Punk in the spotlight

On Thursday, at 18:30 pm, for the unveiling of the unreleased track Infinity repeating, the Centre Pompidou will offer "three experiences of discovery of the title", "free and open access within the limit of available places".

Either a "listening in ultra high-fidelity, in collaboration with Ircam". The video clip "lasting 4 minutes 15" will be projected in Gallery 3 with "an equipment of more than 30 speakers and a sound system designed by IRCAM experts". There will also be a screening of the music video in Cinema 1, with 300 seats. And finally, "a collective experience", with "projection on the giant screen in the heart of the Forum of the Centre Pompidou, 350 seats", is announced.

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