An American woman who wrote a children's book about the unexpected death of her husband is said to have murdered the thirty-nine-year-old. According to previous investigations by the judicial authorities in the state of Utah, the mother of three sons had mixed the synthetic opioid fentanyl into a cocktail for her husband in March 2022.

The man died in the bedroom of the house they shared, while the real estate agent spent the night with one of her children. During the autopsy of the body, the coroner's office of Summit County, east of Salt Lake City, found a "massive" overdose of fentanyl at the time.

Relatives of the deceased also testified that he had told of his wife's previous attempts to kill him. Prior to his widow's arrest this week, investigators had discovered text messages proving at least two fentanyl purchases.

According to the relatives, the victim had stayed with his wife to protect the three children from her. In recent months, the thirty-three-year-old had made various television appearances in which she presented the funeral book "Are You With Me?". Amazon has since removed the title from its range.