A travel agency gets robbed twice in one day. Gang and police

A travel agency in Argentina recently faced exceptional misfortune as it was robbed twice in one day, once by two thieves, and then by police officers who were supposed to catch the thieves.
Two armed robbers entered the offices of a travel agency in Buenos Aires and intimidated employees before fleeing with hundreds of thousands of pesos. The victims called police as soon as the attackers left the building.
In about 10 minutes, three police officers arrived at the scene, and briefly questioned employees regarding the theft. After leaving, an agency employee noticed that a black bag containing about 4 million pesos had disappeared and had not been found anywhere.
The employee swore that the thieves had missed the bag and that it was still in the office when the police arrived. Surveillance footage later showed a police officer walking out of the agency with the same black bag under his arm. At this point, the head of the travel agency was convinced that there was some error and that the officer had taken the bag as evidence. But he was wrong!

After contacting the police station to report the lost bag of money, the center told them that the procedural record drawn up by the police officers did not mention any bag of money.

After reviewing the security camera footage, the prosecutor demanded that the three police officers be arrested and brought before a judge. Surveillance videos show that the three officers chose to descend the stairs from the travel agency on the seventh floor despite having a more comfortable elevator. The researchers concluded that the three observed security cameras inside the elevator, preferring to avoid them. According to what a source in the investigation told Infobae.

The three officers were arrested this week, and the black bag filled with dollars was also found in one of the suspects' homes. The other two denied playing a role in the theft.
The three police officers are currently being held in various federal police stations and will remain so until the investigation is completed.