The workers who work on the site of the underground car park of the Place Aristide-Briand, in Sète, were surprised to discover a blockhouse. This memory of the Second World War "served the Germans who were stationed not far from rue Gabriel-Péri", details the city. "The services of the town hall were aware of his presence, without locating him exactly. " With the exception of a cot, nothing was found inside.

This vestige "does not present any particular historical interest", according to the municipality. It was analyzed and photographed for archival purposes, in the presence of Gustave Brugidou, president of the Société d'études historiques et scientifiques de Sète. It will then be demolished as part of the redevelopment of Place Aristide-Briand.

Protests by the Public Benches collective

About eighty people, mostly members of the Bancs publics collective, protested against this destruction. They demand a halt to the work in the name of "defending the historical heritage" of the city. The collective has been protesting for several months against the work carried out on this square, in the name of preserving the environment. He has also just received the support of Greenpeace for his fight.

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