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Singer-songwriter IU's song has been caught up in a plagiarism scandal.

According to Money Today on the 10th, complainant A filed a complaint with the Seongbuk Police Station in Seoul the day before, accusing singer IU of violating the Copyright Act.

The complaint allegedly stated that a total of six songs, including "Pink God", "Good Day", "Beep Beep", "Poor Woman", "Boo", and "Celebrity", were similar to the original songs and were suspected of plagiarism. IU has written "Celebrity" and produced "Bleep."

According to the report, complainant A said, "In many cases, the songs in question are identical in melody, rhythm, and chord progression as the original work. In particular, 'Good Day' and 'Pink God' have considerable similarities even for the general public," he reportedly claimed, "All six songs are suspected of plagiarism in the introductory part, which is the part that draws out the mood and identity of the entire music and arouses curiosity in the audience to decide whether or not to listen to the song."

In response to the report, some users said, "IU's songs are not one, but several of them, so they should be clearly disclosed about plagiarism." Argued. On the other hand, some said, "The allegations started on YouTube. Most of the articles were fabricated by editing only a few songs and calling them plagiarism." and confronting it.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that allegations of plagiarism have been raised in relation to IU. It was pointed out that "Pink God" released in 6 was similar to "Here's Us" by overseas musician Nekta, but IU denied the allegations through its agency at the time, saying, "The B part of the song may sound similar in melody, but the chord progression is completely different."

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Baek Seung-chul (SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)