Sixty trees from the park of the castle of Aramont de Verberie, a commune located in the Oise, will be felled. This decision was made after a public meeting held last week about the health of these trees, reports Actu Oise. A forestry expert was present. He told residents that 60 of the site's 350 trees were contaminated with a fungus.

New species to plant

The trees are victims of "soot disease" which, according to the municipality, "is a consequence of very hot summers, water deficit, and too mild winters". The town hall plans to cut them down "as soon as possible" in order to limit the spread of the fungus. "As the soot spreads by the wind, it will contaminate the rest of the trees," she said.

For now, the 60 trees that are to be removed in the castle park have been marked with a blue cross. A working group should be created to allow the town hall and the inhabitants of the municipality to think about the new species of trees to plant.

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