The first semi-final of the 2023 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the musical event that brings 37 European countries into competition, was staged in Liverpool. Fifteen artists performed, and ten earned the final, while five countries that access the final on Saturday 13, are those that have supported more than others economically the European Broadcasting Union, the international organization that associates several public and private operators in the broadcasting sector on a national scale. In addition to France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, also Ukraine, strong of the victory of the last edition, and Italy; a minute of "Due vite" by Marco Mengoni, the song with which he won the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival, was broadcast during the first evening. The singer will perform live only on Saturday.


ANSA/EPA/Adam Vaughan


An Italian opened the event, this year organized in Liverpool, given the impossibility, due to the ongoing war, to host, as per regulation, the event to the winning country; we are talking about Alessandra Mele, born in Pietra Ligure in 2002 from an Italian father from Albenga and a Norwegian mother, who sang "Queen of Kings" on behalf of the Scandinavian country, capturing the last available place in the final top ten. The other nine artists that we will listen to again on Saturday are: Let 3 who compete for Croatia with "Mama!", Pasha Parfeni for Moldova with "Soarele i luna", Remo Forrer who sang "Watergun" for Switzerland, the Finnish Kaarija with the funny "Cha cha cha", Vesna for the Czech Republic with "My sister's crown", for Israel Noa Kirel performed with "Unicorn", the Portuguese Mimicat with "Ai coracao", and then Sweden with Loreen (the song is called "Tattoo") and Serbia by Luke Black and his "Namo mi se spava".

ANSA/EPA/Adam Vaughan

Let 3