A young jinxed man is stabbed twice in a month

Bad luck led a young Canadian twice to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, only to be stabbed twice in just two weeks.

The young man, whose name was not announced by the police, was stabbed the first time as he prepared to board the train with his girlfriend to a fight between two men near him, one of the parties to the quarrel stabbed the young man in the stomach and fled while the wounded were taken to hospital.

While the man who stabbed him was arrested by Vancouver police, the young man was later discharged from the hospital, only to suffer a similar incident just two weeks later, this time with a group of the man that the media estimated belonged to a local gang.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the Vancouver Sun that the man was accidentally close to a group of men who arrived in a taxi, and one of them stabbed him, to be taken to hospital with serious injuries, but his condition is stable.

Police said the motive for the stabbing was unknown, but were still working to determine the motive.