<Oh! The last search term > click is "controversy over cyclists ignoring pedestrian signals."

Recently, an online community posted a post titled "What is happening to the cycling club."

Dashcam footage showed people riding bicycles in a row at a crossroads in Seoul's Seodaemun-gu district.

At the time, cars were waiting for a signal and citizens were crossing the street at a pedestrian signal when suddenly a group of cyclists popped out from the right side of the road, shouting, "Yes, Nice."

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Then, about seven people on bicycles ignored pedestrian signals and turned right, causing citizens crossing the crosswalk to flinch.

The "Pedestrian Caution When turning Right" sign on one side of the level crossing did not seem to mind.

According to the Enforcement Rules of the Road Traffic Act, when turning right at an intersection, even if the traffic light ahead is green, the driver must always pause and turn right.

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Not only cars, but also bicycles.

Users who watched the video responded, "There are no outlaws, this is how you grow up and listen to the sounds," "What kind of thunderbolt is it to ride a bicycle in groups," and "Don't be pretentious, obey the laws and regulations."

(Image source: Online Community)