New postponement for Patrick Zaki. The judge in charge of the trial did not appear at the hearing scheduled today in Mansoura, Egypt, and it was all postponed to July 18. This was reported to Ansa by Zaki himself at the end of the very short hearing that was held with a substitute.

In fact, this morning the judge in charge of Zaki's trial did not appear in court and, in his place, another magistrate was appointed.

Amnesty Italia's comment on Twitter: "Zaki trial: this morning the judge did not even appear. Now Patrick is waiting for someone to tell him what will happen. Yet another proof of the Egyptian judiciary's contempt for human rights."

This morning, before the postponement of the hearing, Patrick Zaki had written on Facebook that he hoped to be able to discuss the thesis in Bologna already in the next session in mid-July. "Tenth hearing, we do not lose hope," Patrick stressed in the post, hoping for an "end to the continuous state of waiting. I have to discuss my thesis at the University of Bologna in mid-July, and that is the most important day for every master's student in general, and for me in particular."

"I found myself on the lists of travel bans", recalled the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna adding that "it is difficult for me to complete my studies; But with the help of the university and the professor, I managed to finish most of the Master's exams." "I hope that when June arrives I will be in Bologna, among my colleagues, to celebrate the end of my master's thesis like a normal person," he added.