Follows up the patient's condition around the clock

Emirati "Robot Doctor" wins the Arab Championship

The Emirates Science Club of the Culture and Science Symposium in Dubai won second place in the Arab Open Robotics Championship, which was organized in Qatar from the sixth to the ninth of May.

The student, Ali Humaid Al-Loughani, succeeded in winning the award in the innovation competition for his project "Robot Doctor", which aims to maintain the health of patients by providing medical consultations and periodic follow-up to patients around the clock, and communicating with the doctor at any time and anywhere to respond quickly to emergencies and inform the doctor.

The project relies on the Internet of Things, as it makes it easier for the doctor to follow up on the patient's condition, this innovation reduces the costs incurred by the patient during his visit to the hospital, as the presence of an innovative device at home provides the patient with permanent follow-up.
For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Culture and Science Symposium praised the achievement of the sons of the Emirates Scientific Club, and added, "This is a win that we are proud of, as it is an incentive for all members of the club to exert more effort and achieve more excellence."

The Arab Robotics Championship is one of the most important annual competitions for school students in the field of robotics in the Arab world since its launch in 2008, and is a meeting place for distinguished minds of talented and creative youth from the Arab world.