A gang headquartered in the Philippines who ran more than 2 illegal gambling sites worth KRW 20 trillion for more than eight years has been caught by the police.

The Cyber Crime Investigation Unit of the Incheon Police Agency revealed that it has arrested five people, including Mr. A (8), the head of the domestic capital management agency, and detained 38 people, including Mr. B (5), on suspicion of opening a gambling space and violating the National Sports Promotion Act.

Mr. A and others are accused of operating 25 illegal gambling sites with sales of KRW 64.2014 trillion in the Philippines and Korea from December 12 until recently.

They had an undercover office in the Philippines and illegally operated baccarat and Powerball on gambling sites.

The organization also had a structure similar to that of a large company, with support teams, operations, finance, and sales teams under the executive team.

In particular, the fund management team, which is directly under the chairman, is said to have thoroughly managed the funds by withdrawing gambling proceeds, converting them, and distributing them after settlement.

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They recruited employees in their 450~20s locally in the online community, saying, "We guarantee high profits of more than 30.30 million won per month."

In addition, when the investigation began, he instructed all employees through Telegram to destroy evidence, saying, "The police deny all the allegations and state that they do not know the identity of the members," and offered a compensation plan of 50,78 won per month if they were arrested.

The police arrested and searched members of the Fund Management Team and confiscated <> billion won in cash. In addition, after suspending their withdrawal accounts, the balance of <>.<> billion won was forfeited before prosecution, and the Korea Communications Review Commission was asked to block access to gambling websites.

A police official said, "We plan to obtain arrest warrants for the remaining members staying in the Philippines and forcibly summon them after their arrest."

(Photo = Courtesy of Incheon National Police Agency)