A traffic violation for an 82-year-old driver reveals a shocking fact

Last Monday morning, an officer from the Japanese prefecture of Hyogo Prefecture was on a regular traffic patrol and noticed a driver driving a car without wearing a seat belt, so the officer only stopped the car and its driver, who exceeded the age of 82 years, and as a normal procedure, the officer asked to see the driver's license of the man, who seemed embarrassed and hesitant before admitting that he does not have the license, not because he forgot it at home, but because he has been driving his car for more than sixty years without Any official papers or driver's license.

Even stranger, the driver, 82-year-old Ishibashi, seems to have been driving around the country without a license for the past six decades, and has been able to avoid the police or commit any offense that draws attention to him, but this time he forgot his seat belt and fell into trouble in front of the officer, who rushed to arrest the man immediately.

In Japan, driving without a license on public streets is a very dangerous activity and is severely punishable by law, and the newspaper did not reveal the punishment that awaits the man, but it will be embarrassing for the judge given the age of the man and the safety of his traffic history from any mistakes.