A man got on a Stuttgart tram with a horse. This can be seen on several videos on the Internet. Wearing a cowboy hat and a white vest, the man rode calmly onto the platform. In front of the door of the waiting tram, he got off the horse and led it in by the halter. According to the recordings, the curious scene is said to have taken place on Sunday morning in Fellbach (Rems-Murr district). First, "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" and the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" had reported.

When asked whether it was allowed to take a horse with you at all, the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) referred to the conditions of carriage. "It is important that no passengers are restricted or harassed and that no damage is caused," a spokeswoman said on Monday. In this case, this also applies to the horse itself. Ultimately, however, the decision lies with the driver of the tram.

However, the man and his horse probably did not go along on Sunday morning. Another video, which was temporarily uploaded to the Instagram story of the page "stuttgarter.meme", showed how the man walked away at the same stop.