Following the controversy that the perpetrator of the case of the sister of a single actor who made an extreme choice while complaining of sexual assault participated in the production of MBC's new drama "Lovers," MBC announced that it would immediately exclude the person from participating.

The producers of the drama "Lovers" posted an official statement to the MBC Viewer Communication Center, saying, "We take viewers' concerns related to the supporting cast management company seriously," and "we have confirmed that some controversial personnel visited some sites."

"First, we took measures to prohibit the person from accessing the production site, and then we decided to terminate the contract with the company immediately in order to exclude any possible participation."

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Jang Yeon-rok, the mother of two sisters who died earlier, posted a video on her YouTube channel titled "Drama Lovers Not Watching Movement."

Ms. Zhang appealed to people to participate in the drama boycott movement, saying, "It is said that the perpetrator who made his daughters an extreme choice in the drama 'Lovers' works as a casting officer for the lead actors."

Since then, there have been one post after another on the bulletin board of the Viewer Communication Center that they will not watch the drama "Lover".

In 2004, Zhang's daughter A, who was a graduate student, filed a complaint with the police, claiming that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by 12 people involved while working part-time as a drama actress at the urging of her brother B, but during the investigation, she dropped the complaint due to secondary damage and threats from the perpetrators, and in 2 she made an extreme choice.

His brother, Mr. B, followed Mr. A into the world, and the victim's father was also shocked by the death of his two daughters and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

The case was revisited in 2009, prompting calls for a re-investigation, and the police set up a fact-finding task force, but it was closed without a reinvestigation due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.