• INSEE has just unveiled the results of a study on second homes in Brittany and the profile of holders.
  • Quite surprisingly, 43% of second homes in the region are owned by locals, ahead of the inhabitants of Ile-de-France (30%).
  • The issue of second homes is in Brittany, as in other tourist regions, a sensitive subject, while the inhabitants struggle to find housing.

We already knew that the Bretons were chauvinistic and completely crazy about their region. We now have new proof of this with an INSEE study that has just been published on Thursday. It focuses on the sensitive subject of second homes, which are legion in Brittany with 233,600 properties listed, or 12% of all housing. In France, only the regions of Corsica, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Occitanie have a higher rate of second homes.

Two-thirds of second homes in #Bretagne are located less than 2 kilometers from the shore, 40% within 500 meters. More info, it's here👉#Logement #Population https://t.co/j46e8OEJmR pic.twitter.com/yyUeqJ9tTg

— Insee Bretagne (@InseeBretagne) May 5, 2023

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But even more interestingly, the study looks for the first time at the profile of owners. Not surprisingly, we learn that the vast majority of them are seniors, with 68% of them being at least 60 years old. Holders of second homes are also much better off than average, since 22% have a cancelled disposable income of more than 80,000 euros, while the median annual disposable income of French households in 2018 was 30,620 euros.

Residences that exacerbate the housing crisis

The origin of these owners, on the other hand, is much more surprising. Accused by the locals of invading Brittany, Parisians are indeed not the first holders of second homes in the region. Not content with living there, it is the Bretons who dominate this ranking, with 43% of second homes belonging to them. In the vast majority, their holiday home is located in the same department as the one where they live year-round. Figures that somewhat dismantle the received idea of a Breton real estate market monopolized by Parisians, even if 30% of holders are still domiciled in Île-de-France.

"This mitigates this cliché indeed," admits Nil Caouissin, not so surprised by the figures unveiled by INSEE. The regional councillor is familiar with the subject of second homes. The elected UDB (Breton Democratic Union) has even made it his hobby horse in recent years. Like other tourist regions, Brittany is hit by a housing crisis, with locals struggling to find housing due to soaring prices. This is particularly the case on the coast, where there is no shortage of houses. But many of them are second homes and remain empty for a good part of the year. In some areas, such as the Emerald Coast or Auray-Quiberon, the share of second homes is around 35%.

Resident status and taxation of residences

To put an end to this row of houses with closed shutters, Nil Caouissin has been defending the idea of a resident status in Brittany since 2021. "Only people who have been resident for a year in certain territories could have the right to buy," he summarizes. A measure that would reduce the demand for second homes "by 80 to 90%". His proposal being far from unanimous within the regional hemicycle, the elected UDB also campaigns for the introduction of a regional tax "modulated and progressive" on second homes.

"Things must move forward to regulate real estate in tense and tourist areas in Brittany," he said. In any case, we see that there is a significant awareness, especially about Airbnb, which is creating new tensions in urban areas, and that is a good thing. »

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