Entries will be accepted until August 31

«Connections to the Children's Book». The journey of honoring creators continues

Etisalat Children's Book Award Pavilion at the Children's Reading Festival. From the source

The Etisalat Children's Book Award, organized by the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) and sponsored by Etisalat & e, has announced the opening of participation for its 15th edition for the year 2023, welcoming the creativity of children's and adolescent book makers in Arabic, including authors, publishers and illustrators from around the world.

This came during the opening activities of the 14th session of the "Sharjah Children's Reading Festival", where the award is divided into five categories: "early childhood", "picture book", "book with chapters", and "youth book", while the renewed category, which is offered every two years, was dedicated this year to "poetry book", where the award accepts entries submitted until August 31, 2023, and photocopies of the nominated books can be sent to the Council's e-mail info@uaebby.org.ae, with writing Name of the applicant.

Abdulaziz Taryam, General Manager of Etisalat by & E in the Northern Emirates and Advisor to the CEO, said: "Etisalat by & E continues to serve the community and support initiatives that promote culture and education, and we believe that investing in the education and development of our children is an investment in our future communities."

Marwa Al Agroobi, Chairperson of the UAE Board on Books for Young People, said: "We renew our commitment to supporting and developing Arabic content that addresses children and adolescents, and enhances their knowledge of publications that are compatible with the highest standards of excellence, and we believe that this sector is one of the most sectors that need continuous care and renewal to keep pace with the rapid global developments in the technical sectors and the world of content industry in all its forms, and we look forward to a renewed course that contributes to the development of the children's literature industry, and provides an opportunity for emerging and professional writers and illustrators to display their work, and appreciate their contributions to the industry. Children's and young adult literature, and the prize will continue to be an opportunity to inspire future generations to love and appreciate literature."

The total value of the Etisalat Children's Book Award is AED 1.2 million, with AED 180,60 allocated to each of its five categories. This amount is divided equally between the author, illustrator and publisher at AED 90,300 for each winner, except for the young people category, whose prize money is shared by the author and publisher only, at AED 2013,<> each, in addition to that, AED <>,<> has been allocated to the workshop program launched by the award in <>.