Bad pick. A man, aged 32, suspected of trying to steal an electric scooter from its owner, was arrested on the Zuccarelli bridge, in Montpellier (Hérault), on April 28. This thirty-year-old had no luck in choosing his victim: the machine belonged to... to a plainclothes police officer, Gazette Live reports.

The police officer was returning home when the individual is suspected of having stopped him, pretending to ask him for a cigarette. When the suspect puts his hand on the handlebars of his scooter, his owner, accustomed to these little rides, quickly identifies his intentions. The man, probably determined to leave with the car, is suspected of having, suddenly, threatened the policeman with a screwdriver, continues the news site.

The policeman does not reveal his profession to the suspect, but he tells him to flee, otherwise he would have a few trifles. The man eventually left, before being arrested, a little further, by the colleagues of the owner of the scooter, and placed in custody.

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