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The smartphones of the Korean brand are the first concerned, with discounts of up to 300 €. This article presents the good plans planned for the occasion and all the details of the operation.

Samsung French Days: a multitude of promotions on smartphones

Discounts are the visible part of Samsung French Days, but the brand will put other complementary discounts online.

Browse the descriptions of each device: in addition to immediate discounts, it can take advantage of a promo code to enter before validating your cart. Samsung also offers you the recovery of your old phone up to 150 € and can refund part of your bill after purchase. Your order will entitle you to a 20% discount on your hulls and chargers.

The French Days continue until May 9. But Samsung also presents good deals throughout the rest of the year. With Rewards points or free shipping and returns, the brand puts all the cards in your hands so that you can fully enjoy the event.

Enjoy the French Days now!

Samsung tips: discounts to discover on smartphones

Now it's time for the devices affected by the cuts. Samsung French Days include:

  • The Galaxy S23 range with €60 discount and up to €150 trade-in (until May 18): the three versions of the S23 (23, 23+ and S23 Ultra) are concerned. This all-new generation is available in sizes ranging from 6.1" to 6.8". In its Ultra version, it carries 5 photo sensors capable of taking any type of shot. It adapts to all hand sizes and always offers excellent performance.
  • The Galaxy Z Fold4 with 300 € discount: a smartphone folding vertically. This feature allows you to enjoy a gigantic screen for a mobile phone: 7.6". Accompanied by the S Pen, it is ideal for watching videos and even for some professional uses.
  • The Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition with 210 € discount: already famous, this folding smartphone is easy to store and has a large slab (6.7") once unfolded. Its external 1.9" screen allows you to view notifications. Like the Z Fold4, the Z Flip4 benefits from a €100 trade-in bonus.
  • The Galaxy S22 with 160 € discount: one of the latest generations of the Galaxy range guarantees a very high computing power. Equipped with 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM, it can satisfy all uses. Its plus: a photo module completely redesigned by AI.
  • The Galaxy S21 FE with €160 discount: a 5G compatible model promising extreme Internet speed. The Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen makes it a smartphone made for multimedia. It also has a battery capable of holding a whole day without recharging.
  • The Galaxy S20 FE with 210 € discount: in addition to 5G, this smartphone includes a very fluid 120 Hz screen and an optimized camera. The latter offers excellent results, even in low light. It is complemented by a burst mode compatible with video.

See the different discounts

Click on one of the links above to go directly to Samsung's website. In addition to the discounts specific to the French Days, you will discover the other good deals of the brand. Its Smart TVs, tablets, wireless headphones or even appliances are all entitled to their discounts. It is no longer a question of waiting for sales to take advantage of low prices.

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