Actress Zheng Xia, who has been donating sanitary napkins for her daughter's birthday for seven years, has been spreading her influence for good by donating without fail this year.

Today (7th), Good Neighbors, a global NGO specializing in children's rights, revealed that Zheng Xia donated 19 boxes of sanitary napkins for the 11th birthday of her daughter Miss Bai Yu.

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Since 2017, Zhengxia and Daughter, who have donated sanitary napkins to low-income single-parent families every year for their daughter's birthday, have donated sanitary napkins worth about 7 million won for seven years.

As a result, Zheng Xia was named in the 'The Neighbors Honors Club', a group of major donors of Good Neighbors who practice sharing and service of more than 1 million won.

Zheng Xia said, "I am grateful to be able to practice precious sharing with Seowu on a special day every year through Good Neighbors," adding, "I will continue to support mothers and children living in Moja Resources so that they do not lose hope."

Zheng Xia also certified the "The Neighbors Honors Club" appreciation plaque on her personal social media, saying, "It's not enough, but I will try harder."

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Good Neighbors said, "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to actors Zheng Xia and Ms. Zhou for their warm hearts for low-income single-parent families for seven years. We will do our best to ensure that much-needed help is delivered to marginalized people who are in welfare blind spots."

On the other hand, Zheng Xia is practicing steady good deeds by donating sanitary napkins and lactic acid bacteria whenever she needs a warm heart, such as during Family Month, as well as her daughter's birthday.

(Photo = Global Children's Rights NGO Good Neighbors, Zhengxia Instagram) (SBS Svstar) (SBS Entertainment News Jeon Min-jae Editor)