Weather forecast

The weather forecast for Saturday, April 15, 2023

Temperatures falling in the Center and North, stationary in the South


Partly cloudy with more thickening from the afternoon over the western Alps, Liguria and Friuli with possible showers or local thunderstorms. Temperatures dropping, highs between 14 and 18. Cloudy skies with rains, showers and thunderstorms in extension from the Tyrrhenian side to the Adriatic side, sometimes even intense with snow in the Apennines over 1,100-1,200 meters

Hello cloudy in the south and on the major islands with scattered showers also thunderstorms on the lower Tyrrhenian side, the Gargano, northern Sicily and western Sardinia. Temperatures overall stationary and generally between 16°C and 21°C. Winds tend to moderate from the western quadrants. Mistral forts on Sardinia.