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Actor Yoo Ain drew a line at allegations of zolpidem overdose, saying, "I was just prescribed for sleep." In addition, it said it would take legal action against the media for reporting Yoo Ain's eyewitness account of the Itaewon club without confirmation.

Today (12th), Yoo Ain's agency UAA said, "In the meantime, Yoo Ain and his agency have refrained from making statements about the relevant investigation or response while the police investigation is ongoing. As Mr. Yoo Ain stated in his last statement, he has not changed his position that he will faithfully participate in the relevant investigation and receive all punishments," adding, "However, we would like to correct the factual relationship in relation to the situation in which unclosed investigations, which are the principle of non-disclosure, are disclosed to the media for unknown reasons, and unconfirmed news is continuously circulated and spread."

A day earlier, on the 11th, there were two independent reports in the media about Yoo Ain. One was a report by the Kookmin Ilbo that reported that Yoo Ain was suspected of taking drugs at an Itaewon club with acquaintances, and the other was Yonhap News TV's report that police were investigating allegations that Yoo Ain was prescribed zolpidem, a type of narcotic, for non-medical purposes. In a situation where a total of four narcotic substances such as hemp, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine have already been detected in the hair and urine of infants, the news that there is even a suspicion of taking zolpidem has shocked the public.

First, Yoo Ain's agency responded to the club sighting report, saying, "The article was written solely on the basis of the eyewitness account of informant A. It was also reported through speculation without any fact-checking of eyewitness accounts. The report has already spread to other media outlets with provocative headlines such as 'shock' and 'revelations', making it look like you've been exposed to drugs in a club every week."

The agency said, "The Kookmin Daily used the informant's claims such as 'I didn't order much alcohol, but there were many reactions that it was strange because I was overly drunk,' and 'I opened a cigarette in the corner seat, but it was different from the smell of a normal cigarette,' as the basis for unconfirmed 'suspicion.'"

"The lounge clubs we identified were not allowed to smoke in indoor areas and had separate open smoking areas. We deeply regret the unverified report by a major media outlet such as the Kookmin Ilbo based on someone's speculation," he said, adding, "Therefore, we plan to take legal action against the report by the Kookmin Ilbo."

On the other hand, the agency clarified that the alleged use of zolpidem by Yoo Ah-in was "for sleep purposes." Zolpidem has a calming and sleeping effect, so it is also used for medical purposes such as insomnia treatment, but it is highly addictive and is classified as a psychotropic drug.

The agency said, "It is true that Mr. Yoo Ain has been taking sleeping pills for a long time due to sleep disorders. In the past, I have taken sleeping pills that contain this ingredient. However, in the last six months, it has been replaced with sleeping pills with other ingredients, and it has not been used for any purpose other than sleep. The authenticity of the incident will be revealed in the police investigation."

In particular, the agency said, "The contents of the investigation, which is a non-disclosure principle, are continuously disclosed to the media. As a result, we are gravely concerned that allegations that have not even been fact-checked are being spread as if they were confirmed facts," he said, warning that "we will take active action, including legal action, against serious levels of fake news and indiscriminate 'Kadera'-style reports that are not related to the contents of the police investigation."


Kang Sun-ae (SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sun-ae)