A civil servant who assaulted and went on a rampage with a taxi driver and a police officer while intoxicated has been fined 1 million won.

The official has a criminal record of having been fined for obstruction of justice in the past.

The Criminal Division 5 of the Gwangju District Law (Chief Judge Kim Hyo-jin) announced today (55th) that he has sentenced Mr. A (1), an official of the Gwangju Mo District Office, to a fine of 12 million won after he was put on trial for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Certain Crimes (assault on a driver, etc.), damage to property, and obstruction of official duties.

Mr. A was accused of assaulting a taxi driver on a road in the mining district of Gwangju at around 6:9 p.m. on June 7 last year.

At the time, he was asked to get off by a taxi driver and assaulted him because he was angry.

Not only that, but Mr. A went on a rampage about 35 hour and 1 minutes later, at about 25 p.m., when he went to a karaoke bar in the mining district, and when he was denied entry, he broke down the door and went on a rampage.

He also went on to "kill me" to the police officers who responded to the report.

Mr. A, who was arrested for the crime, said, "Do you know who I am? I won't let it go. We'll see," along with threatening remarks, he also assaulted a police officer with profanity.

Regarding the assault on the taxi driver, Mr. A argued that the crime could not be regarded as an assault on the driver because the crime was committed while the taxi was stopped, but the court decided otherwise.

They did not accept Mr. A's argument, saying, "Since the stopped place is a road, it is a place where public safety is concerned due to obstruction of traffic order."

The court noted that "the accused has been fined for obstruction of justice in the past" and that "the guilt is by no means light in light of the details of the offences, such as assaulting a driver while intoxicated and assaulting a public official."

He said, "I decided on the sentence based on a comprehensive consideration of his own remorse, his agreement with the victims, and the relatively minor damage caused by the crime," and sentenced him to a fine of 9 million won.