A selection of local, Gulf and Arab drama productions that satisfy the taste of the audience

Ramadan series catch the eye on Dubai TV and «Sama Dubai»


Remarkably, Dubai TV and Sama Dubai Channel succeeded in attracting viewers in the holy month of Ramadan, through a selection of local, Gulf and Arab drama productions, while Dubai Media Incorporated channels bet this year on the measure of quality and content experiences aimed at attracting their fans, combining in their works the best artistic options and the highest broadcasting techniques, in addition to the perfectly woven stories, in which the top stars were gathered, and highlighted the actors from the young generation who proved their talent. And their ability to run the Ramadan race competently.

Statistics and mass follow-up figures revealed that during the first week of the blessed month of Ramadan, Sama Dubai topped the list of the most watched TV channels in the UAE, while Dubai TV and Sama Dubai Channel achieved better performance than previous years in terms of continuity of viewing for longer periods.

On the list

In the context of the works and programs that topped the scene of follow-up and interest on Dubai TV, the Gulf series «Al-Noon and what they know», directed by Hamad Saeed Al-Badri and writer Abdul Rahman Ashkanani, topped the list of views of the channel. The series stars Kuwaiti star Elham Al-Fadala, Emirati star Fatima Al-Hosani, and a group of Kuwaiti actors and drama stars. The work tells stories of conflicts and tales of cruelty, highlighting Fajr's hatred towards her brothers, because of the oppression she has been subjected to throughout her life, while her brother (Barak) tries to reunite his family, calm the situation, and fix what can be fixed.

As for the series «The Pleasure of Your Eye» by the lady of the Gulf screen Hayat Al-Fahd, through which she records her first presence under the management of the young Kuwaiti director Saud Bouabid, and in which she repeats her third artistic experience with the writers Ali Shams and Muhammad Shams, the star embodies a realistic story that is not without a clear comedy that mitigates the impact of the story of the nurse who was unjustly imprisoned, to be tried for a crime she did not commit, and later compensated through a historic settlement of 10 million Kuwaiti dinars.

From the gate of third place, the Egyptian star "Yousra" renews her return to comedy through her new Ramadan series "1000 Praise be to God for Safety", to present the character of Samiha Jahin Souissi, a doctor of media returning to Egypt. The series enjoys the same comedy that has clarified its features from the first moments of discovering the work, as the character of a woman returning to her homeland is soon unveiled, to settle a number of outstanding family inheritance issues, so she is exposed with her children to various situations, which she succeeds in confronting with a funny tinge.

In fourth place, the series «whistle», actor Ahmed Amin, in which he plays the character of «Shafiq» tour guide who steals the whistle of King Tutankhamun, to travel through time and go back more than once, and then to the present to discover the changes that have occurred in his choices.

Programs compete

In turn, the group of Emirati series and programs, on Sama Dubai channel, achieved high viewership rates, as the series «Ahl Al-Dar» stars Ahmed Al-Jassmi, Marei Al-Halyan and Ahmed Al-Ansari, recorded a clear success, as a result of which it ranked first, with a high number of views since the first week.

The work deals with the story of "Saud", a well-known businessman who thinks in a moment of despair about moving with his three childhood friends, to live in a home for the elderly, setting special conditions for them to stay away, even for a while, from the problems of their children and to rebuild new bridges of communication, given the inability of either party to do without the other.

The Emirati series "Silk Collar", which came in second place, saw the return of star Samira Ahmed, in which she plays the controversial character "Khawla", who has a strange relationship with her four sons, dominated by cruelty, arrogance and superiority, which later leads her to many problems and unexpected events.

On the other hand, the competition program «Al Mandoos» by the Emirati journalist Abdullah Ismail ranked third. The program is an interactive social experience in a unique entertainment format filled with the spirit of history and local authenticity.

In fourth place came the series "The Bottom Line" by Emirati writer and actor Abdullah Saleh, starring Fatima Al Hosani, Ali Jamal and Marei Al Halyan.

In its 17th season, "Popular Cartoon" continued to reap successive successes and wide views, through a series of surprises, funny comedy situations and pranks of its cute characters, which returned this year with a new vision and different ideas that bet on upgrading the comedy scene in the holy month.

• Dubai Media Incorporated channels bet this year on the measure of quality and content experiences aimed at attracting their fans.

• The competition program "Al Mandoos" by Emirati journalist Abdullah Ismail ranked third in the number of views on Sama Dubai channel.

«Dear Soul»

In fifth place on Dubai TV, the series «Aziz Al-Rouh», by Kuwaiti actor Mohammed Al-Mansour, in which he deals with the story of «Saud» returning abroad, who decides to settle and marry, but doubt enters his heart that his brother «Saleh» seized his money and stole it, so he breaks up his partnership with him, leaves the house, and throws into a family estrangement that was not taken into account.