Twitter owner Elon Musk has replaced former US President Barack Obama as the user with the most followers on the online platform. The technology billionaire and head of electric car maker Tesla was followed by more than 133.084 million users on Thursday, while Obama had more than 133.041 million followers.

Musk had taken over the short message service last October for 44 billion dollars (today around 41 billion euros). In the course of a chaotic restructuring of the platform, the controversial entrepreneur dismissed the Twitter top management and more than two-thirds of the 7500 employees. He also released blocked user accounts such as that of former US President Donald Trump.

Twitter has repeatedly had to struggle with technical problems in recent months and has lost many advertisers. Musk wants to make the platform financially profitable through paid subscriptions, but has limited success. From April 1, the platform wants to remove the verification ticks from the accounts of those users who do not have a paid subscription.