After a changeable and windy Saturday, the weather calms down on Sunday. But spring is not in sight, as Magdalena Bertelmann from the weather forecast center of the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach reported. On Monday it can even snow in the mountains.

The last Sunday in March varies considerably from region to region: In the north, roughly north of a line between Emsland and Berlin, it remains mostly dry with loosened clouds. Further south, rainfall spreads eastwards from the west and southwest and reaches Saxony and eastern Bavaria in the late afternoon. While it remains grey almost all day in the middle of Germany, the chance of a few rays of sunshine increases in the south during the day. At 8 to 14 degrees it gets a bit cooler regionally.

In the night to Monday, sensitive balcony plants should be covered, advises the meteorologist, because then light frost is possible. Monday is again windy showers announced - with one significant difference: Instead of rain, mainly snow falls and the maximum values rise to a maximum of 4 to 8 degrees. At high altitudes, around 30 centimetres of fresh snow can come together in the Alps, in the Oberallgäu perhaps up to 50 centimetres of fresh snow in 24 hours.